22kN Rock Climbing Sling Rope Protector CE / UIAA Nylon Bearing Strap Reinforce Rope Belt Arborist Mountaineering Equipment


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60cm / 120cm 16mm NYLON CLIMBING SLING


GM CLIMBING 16mm Nylon Sling, 22kN, CE EN566 certified, made of tube nylon webbing, sewn in bar-tack for high durability.

Width: 16mm / 5/8inch; Length: available in 60cm / 24inch and 120cm / 48inch. Tube Nylon Webbing

High resistant to wear, nylon sling has a long useful life.

Light weight while rating to high strength 22kN. An easy-to-carry gear which is able to help in many activities: Rock Climbing, Mountaineering, Rappelling, Hiking, Emergency Gear, etc.

Bright fluorescent orange color for easy distinguishing among gears, and gray for better adaption to outdoor environment.



Color:  Gray, Orange
Width: 16mm  
Length: 30cm / 60cm / 120cm
Breaking Strength: 22kN
Material: Tube Nylon Webbing 
Certification: CE1019 EN566 / UIAA
Weight: 24g / 42g /  79g
Application: rock climbing, arborist tree climber, mountaineering, rappelling, rigging, hiking, emergency gear, positioning lanyard, building temporary anchors & hauling items. etc.

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Slings are usually added in equipment rack or backpack as a multiple purpose tool.
Extending anchor point / protection
Creating equalizend anchor system
Keeping gears and ropes organized during operation
Rappel Back-up tying Autoblock knot
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1, Can I use these to set up a repel using these?
Depends on how you are using them, but they are strong enough to hold body weight and then some. 
2, Has anyone used this for, or could advise if this could be used for, tree straps for hammock camping?
They could easily be used for setting a hammock. You are however limited to the diameter of the tree since the loop only 36″ from end to end. 
You will want to set it up as a chocker around the tree. Arond the tree and one loop through the other and attach to the loop that passed through the other. 
3, Is the length measured when it is in half or is it the length all the way around?
The length is measured from one end of the loop to the other. 


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